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Kid's Corner

Use the links below to access kids coloring pages and cut-out sheets.

Summertime brings flip-flops, beach days, pool time and more. While these are the signs of enjoyable warm weather, they can also bring many foot and ankle complications for our youngest patients.

To ensure kids' feet have an event-free summer, here are some warm weather-specific tips from Dr. Nik:

Always wear shoes, even at the beach. For kids, it can be tempting to leave the flip-flops behind in favor of sand beneath their toes. This can be a troublesome habit, however, because it increases risk for cuts or foreign body intrusions from seashells, beach glass, or other unknown beach items. Closed-toed beach shoes that have breathable mesh and a protective sole are available that protect your feet from injury while also allowing you to walk comfortably.

Rotate shoes: Summertime brings warm weather, which means high season for athlete's foot/ fungus. To avoid them, Dr. Nik recommends: Don't wear the same shoes everyday. Keep your feet Dry (dry between the toes after showering/swimming). We also have a shoe spray in the office that kills fungus, bacteria and odor. This is a big hit with parents and kids year-round!

Warts! Anybody can get warts, but kids get them more often than adults do. While we don't know why kids get them more often. (But they're sure it's not from touching frogs or toads!) Their immune systems are less developed and they tend to go barefoot more often. Good news is we can treat and remove them if you do notice them on kids' toes. Early treatment is recommended so that they do not spread (and they do spread like wildfires).

Every day we see lots of children/ teenagers with ingrown toenails. While these occur year-round, they can become more inflamed/infected in the summer months. Often, the problem is caused by poor nail cutting (ripping instead of cutting), sporting injuries because of incorrectly fitted / chosen footwear. Flat feet are a big cause of reoccurring ingrown toenails. Teaching children how to trim their nails, care for their feet and showing them what shoes they should be wearing at a young age is one of the most important things. At Dr. Nik's Foot & Ankle Center we offer temporary and permanent ingrown toenail procedures as well as children's basic foot-care consultations that help educate your children on how to look after their feet. During the consultation we are able to give specific advice to your children regarding the problems that their feet may face in the future and teach them strategies to minimize problems in the future.

Summertime does not mean neglecting good shoe choices! Our office sees too many ankle sprains from flip-flops/crocs. Remember to avoid those, especially if you are doing sports/physical activities.

These tips should help to ensure you have a fun summer and keep your feet and ankle safe from harm. Dr. Nik's Foot & Ankle Center is available to you should you have any questions or need an appointment for any adult or pediatric foot or ankle issues. As a reminder, Dr. Nik is also available on weekends and after-hours for urgent podiatric problems. We wish you a fantastic summer!!

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